Frozen Beef Burgundy [camping stove or camp fire]
Comments: A large enough casserole is needed.
Just before leaving, transfer your favorite homemade frozen beef burgundy into your cooler [it will be ready to reheat on the next day].
Be careful as this dish should not be exposed to heat before being reheated and eaten.
  • Your favorite homemade beef burgundy recipe, frozen into plastic containers or freezeing bags
  • Welll-drained, rinsed under cold running water if possible and drained, canned potatoes
  • Beef burgundy should be frozen for at least quite a few days before leaving.
  • On the next day, at the camping ground, transfer beef burgundy into a large enough casserole.
  • Add well-drained canned potatoes.
  • Reheat onto a camping stove, or onto campground fire rack over hot embers.