Hot Dogs on Camp Fire [camp fire]
Comments: The sap from the tree branch will give a sweet taste to the wiener.
CAREFUL : DO NOT use an oak, an elm, a pnie or an ash branch as the sap of these trees is bitter.
Serving: 1
  • 1 large wiener
  • 1 hot dog roll
  • Any desired condiments
  • 1 freshly cut 4-foot [1.2-meter] long sassafras or maple branch
  • 1 really red wood fire
  • Clean mains tree branch removing any short branches and leaves.
  • Remove approximately 10 inches [25 cm] long bark at one end of the branch; using a sharp knife, taper this end until fine.
  • Using this end, cut 4 incisions into the wiener to prevent the wiener from splitting to fast.
  • Insert the fine end of the branch all along the middle of the wiener, almost to the end of the weiner asit will burn if it comes out.
  • Cook wiener over a really red open fire, yet not directly into the fire as it would cook too fast and blacken, turning wiener slowly.
  • Whiener is ready when it starts to split.
  • Transfer wiener into hot dog roll.
  • Garnish to taste, and enjoy.