Grapes = 82% water

To really taste grapes, remove grapes from the refrigerator 15 minutes before washing and eating.

Excellent source of food fibers, vitamin 'C' and potassium.

Store unwashed grapes in refrigerator in their original wrapping or in paper towels; they will stay fresh for 2 to 5 days, according to varieties.

It is not recommanded to freeze grapes as their texture wil not be the same when thawed.

Best green grapes are yellowish; best red grapes are of a predominant red on the stem; best blue grapes should be of a rich dark blue.

Before serving, wash grapes under cold slowly running water; delicately pat dry with paper towels.

Do not cut stems, grapes would dry out.

To decorate grapes:

When grapes are really fresh, dip them into beaten egg white before dipping them into [white] sugar; refrigerate to harden.


Pale red; oblong - all year round - from United States, Mexico and Chili - the champion of seedless grapes for its firmness - sweet but a little tart, always crunchy; more than excellent with Havarti or Quebec Canada Oka cheese.


Black; large, firm and round - September to March - from California or Chili [quite large] - the skin is quite thick and acid - almost always has seeds; excellent with Monterey Jack and St-Andre cheeses.

Thompson: [seedless]

White small and oval; seedless, soft, sweet and refreshing - all year round - from California or Chili [can be dried].


Red [from Brazil or from Chili] and green [from from California] - its gelatine-like flesh, almost translucent, is just enough spiced - red, from November to April / green, from August to April; excellent with St-Paulin and Blue cheeses.


Greenish yellow - western variety.


Reddish purple - western variety.


Blue; standard eastern variety.


Red; late western variety.


Red; large and oval - western variety.

Lady Finger:

Pale green; very elongated.


White or red; round - [red] western variety.


Greenish yellow [can be dried].


White - leading eastern variety.


White - small and round to oval.


Eastern variety.


Eastern variety.

White Riesling:

European variety.


European variety.


European variety.

Pinot Noir:

European variety.