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Be careful in storing and handling any ground meat as it is easy for bacteria to grow.

Raw ground meat and any leftover meat should be refrigerated at a temperature below 36°F [4°C], no more than a day or 2 or frozen below 18°F [-8°C], no more than 2 to 3 months - cooked ground meat should be kept at a temperature exceeding 180°F [60°C], unless eaten right away.

Between 36°F [4°C] and 180°F [60°C], bacterias can grow fast and even cause food poisoning.

Freeze ground meat in a humidity-free wrapping like airtight containers which prevent meat from drying and ice from forming; always write the freezing date on each container to be able to cook the older ones first.

Time-saver: shape ground meat into burgers before freezing; freeze with a piece of wax paper between each.

Ground meat must be freshly grounded, freshly thawed and refrigerated as soon as possible; it should be cooked on the same day or the day after at the latest.

Do not leave at room temperature for more than 5 minutes - it should go right from the refrigerator to the barbecue or the frypan.

The inside of ground beef is darker than the outside: it is normal [lack of oxygen], the inside will become red again when exposed to air.

Refrigerate ground meat at all times, even between handlings.

Be aware of contamination: make sure that raw meat is not in contact with already cooked food.

Wash your hands with hot soapy water before and after handling raw meat.

Also wash with hot soapy water all soiled utensils, bowls, kitchen counter and cutting board.

Always wash any cloth or sponge that has been in contact with raw meat before using it again; often replace sponges.

Well done beef burgers: bake in a preheated 325°F [160°C] oven until well done [no longer pink inside and juices are clear]; in a microwave, cook burgers, turning occasionaly - leave to rest for a few minutes before serving.

Categories Maximum percentage of fat, raw
Extra-lean 10%
Lean 15 to 17%
Medium 23 to 27%
Ordinary 30%

Nutritional Values: Raw, per 3 1/2 ounces / 100 g

Categories Calories Proteines Carbohydrates Fat
Extra-lean 171 21 g 0 g 0 g
Lean 216 19 g 0 g 15 g
Medium 264 18 g 0 g 21 g
Ordinary 310 17 g 0 g 27 g

Grilled, well-done - raw, per 3 1/2 ounces / 100 g

Categories Calories Proteines Carbohydrates Fat
Extra-lean 136 19 g 0 g 7 g
Lean 153 18 g 0 g 8 g
Medium 174 17 g 0 g 11 g
Regular 175 16 g 0 g 12 g

Extra lean ground beef: 100% fresh meat - ideal for recipes where ingredients are mixed before cooking or for recipes when it is not asked to remove fat after browning.

Ex: cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, meat loaves...

Lean ground beef: 100% fresh or cold thawed meat - as extra lean meat.

Medium ground beef: fresh or thawed meat - for recipes where excess fat is removed before adding other ingredients.

Ex: taco shell mixture, pizza garnishing, spaghetti sauce, hamburgers patties...

Regular ground beef: fresh or thawed meat - for economical recipes where meat has to be 'sticky' and excess fat drained.

Ex: meatballs, pates...

Medium or regular ground beef should either be grilled or browned in a frypan and drained before adding other ingredients.

Extra lean or lean ground beef can be used in all other preparations.