For no-mess marinating, place ingredients to be marinated along with marinade in a plastic bag; squeeze out air and seal; refrigerate if needed [ex: poultry].

Mixture of oil and lemon juice or yogurt and herbs = same and only goal: to tenderize meat, game and fish so that they cook faster and are juicier and tastier.

An acid ingredient [vinegar, wine, lemon juice, soy sauce, yogurt] always is part a marinade as it is the ingredient that tenderizes.

Besides that, any other ingredients can be mixed in, even though a few rules must be followed:


1 - Yogurt or white wine for poultry

2 - Olive oil mostly for fish

3 - Citrus fruit juices for absolutely everything

To reduce marinating time [2 to 4 hours in the refrigerator], it is possible to heat marinades that do not contain any milk product, like yogurt. Hot, not boiling, marinade works fast on meats so that it is possible to reduce marinating time to 30 minutes, without refrigerating.

Do not heat a marinade to be used with fish as it would partially cook the fish on contact.

NEVER reuse a marinade in which meat or fish has been marinating - bacterias could have developed.

On the other hand, the marinade can be used [immediately] to coat the marinated meat or fish while cooking; do not save it for another meal.