Keep mushrooms refrigerated, in a ventilated container or a paper bag.

Just before using, delicately wipe mushrooms with a damp cloth.

2/3 cup / 1 1/2 ounces [190 mL / 45 g] fresh mushrooms = 12 calories.

Button Mushrooms:

The best know variety, cooks have been using them for years to add flavor to their dishes.

Eat raw for their woodsy taste, in salads or with a dip, or cooked in your favorite dishes.

Cep Mushrooms:

It's Majesty of the underwoods, a flavorsome wild mushroom with a brown cap; usually fried with garlic and added to Provencal stews.

Cep mushrooms should be cleaned using a damp paper towel or brush; they should never be rinsed under running water.

1 - For starters, let us say that ceps can be cup into strips and deep-fried just as French fries.

Leave them to drip onto paper toweling for 2 minutes to absorb excess fat, then salt, pepper and serve them, sprinkled with minced Italian parsley and garlic.

2 - For a salad, fry cep mushrooms into a frypan into a little olive olive and minced garlic until they are soft, yet still a little crunchy.

Prepare a salad dressing using olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and chives.

Serve cep mushrooms lukewarm, coated with the salad dressing.

3 - To bake cep mushrooms, fold a large enough to hold mushrooms and olive oil mixture in half; tightly close sides.

Preheat oven to 180C [350F].

Cut cep mushrooms into sections.

Pour a little olive oil into a plate; sprinkle olive oil with salt, pepper, 1 spoon minced coriander or basil, 1 unpeeled garlic clove before adding cep mushrooms.

Rub mushrooms with mixture before pouring mixture and mushrooms into prepared al foil.

Close hermetically and bake into preheated oven for 15 minutes, before opening wrapper at the table to serve.

4 - For a really good stew, you will need 300 g [10 1/2 ounces] potatoes, 300 g [10 1/2 ounces] cep mushrooms, 300 g [10 1/2 ounces] ground veal and 300 g [10 1/2 ounces] ground pork.

Peel potatoes then cut potatoes and mushrooms into sections; reserve.

To prepare meatballs, mix then shape together ground veal and pork with 1 egg, 2 crushed cloves garlic, 3 tablespoons [45 mL] minced parsley and 1 tablespoon [15 mL] coriander into meatballs of the size of ping pong balls.

Roll meatballs into flour until completely coated; fry meatballs into a heavy casserole into a little hot olive oil stirring for a few minutes.

Pour in a little more olive oil before adding cep mushroom and potato sections; season with a few peppercorns and salt lightly.

Fry stirring until starting to color before mixing in 15 mL [1 tablespoon] tomato concentrate and pouring in approximately 3/4 cup [190 mL] water.

Cover casserole.

Leave to simmer slowly for approxiamtely 30 to 45 minutes, until meatballs are no longer pink inside, turning every once in a while using a wooden spoon and pouring in a little more water whenever necessary.

Crimini [Coffee] Mushrooms:

They look like button mushrooms but are richer colored, varying form ochre to dark brown.

Their stronger, earthy flavor is perfect to add variety to stews and casseroles.

Or saute them in a little butter or oil.

Enoki Mushroom:

Long, thin and topped with creamy white round caps, enoki mushrooms are best eaten raw in a salad or sandwich.

Their light taste and pleasantly crisp texture make them a terrific garnish for soups and appetizers.

Oyster Mushrooms:

As versatile as other mushrooms, cooked oyster mushrooms are the perfect accompaniment for chicken, veal, prok and seafood.

With their velvety smooth texture and light aroma, and color that varies from brown to gray, oyster mushrooms add an exotic touch to salads, appetizers and entrees.

Portobello mushrooms:

Bigger, rounder but flatter than button mushrooms, portobello mushrooms are ochre to brown-colored with an intense flavor.

Their generous size make them perfect for stuffing and grilling.

Do not forget to trim the roots.

Shiitake mushrooms:

The perfect mushroom for many Chines-style dishes, the shiitake mushroom is shaped like an umbrella with easy-to-recognize pronounced gill.

Ochre to brown-colored, shiitake mushrooms have a very firm texture and meaty flavor when cooked.

Be sure to remove any tough stems before cooking.