Remove the white part from a Kaiser or Viennese roll; stuff it with a salad, Caesar or any other, and top it with a few chicken strips.

Always keep halved baguette halves, submarine breads and side-split hot dog buns in the freezer, ready to be filled, frozen; wrap sandwiches in al paper so that the sandwich will stay fresh and the bread will stay soft until lunch time.

Choose 1 ingredient from each group; add a personnal touch.

Bread Filling Garnish 'WOW' Touch
Kaiser Chopped hard boiled eggs Cucumber slices Olive oil, basil or pesto
Egg bread Chicken slices [white] Chopped celery and onion Dijon mustard
English muffin Goat or Swiss cheese Red onion Sesame seed butter or hummus
Pumpernickel Thinly sliced roast beef Boston lettuce and tomato slices Tzatziki sauce
Submarines Ground cooked ham Grated carrot and alfalfa Bruschetta spread